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Our Factory

38 years of Steel - Doors and Windows
11 years of uPVC - Doors and Windows

Old Deccan Structural Systems factory, Yeshwantpur, Bangalore

Deccan Structural Systems Pvt Ltd was set up in 1988 , as a small fabrication shed for Steel Doors and Windows

Start: Steel Window and Door 

Our factory was set up in the 1980s on Main Road, Yeshwantpur, Bangalore, Karnataka as a small fabrication shed. Other business verticals such as electrical equipment and textiles were added to the factory, and this facility grew larger. Over the years our Steel fabrication Unit added many new machines to cater to the change in demand. We utilise flash cut welding machines, arc welding sets, cutting presses, grinding machines, drilling machines, shearing Machines, etc. and other material handling equipment. In 2000 we added a Paint Booth to give our customers more value addition.

Addition: uPVC Window and Door 

In 2007, we witnessed a change in the construction field with an increasing demand for more robust, durable, and maintenance-free doors and windows. After thorough research, we added uPVC as a product category to our doors and windows in 2008, being among the first to do so. Our factory was equipped with state of the art uPVC Profile Cutting machines, Welding machines, Drain Hole Cutters and a fully automated Corner Cleaning CNC Machine.

From 1988 to 2017, this location was our factory employing over 50 staff and workers in our doors and windows unit and an additional 600 staff across the other Electrical Equipment and Leather Garment Units. After 35 years, in April 2017, we relocated to a state-of-the-art modern independent facility dedicated to doors and windows production. This factory has an increased capacity to manufacture up to 35,000 sq ft a month.


WoodMate Factory, Yeshwantpur, Bangalore

Today, Deccano Casements Pvt Ltd , set up in 2017 , as a state of the art factory for uPVC and Steel Doors and Windows

Expansion: New State of the art factory 

The new manufacturing plant, also located in Yeshwantpur, is a mix of the old and new, blending tradition with technology and ideas of the future. It is 100% solar-powered. Our factory was equipped with state of the art uPVC Profile Cutting machines, Welding machines, Drain Hole Cutters and a fully automated Corner Cleaning CNC Machine. We have a range of material handling equipment and all safety precautions are followed during the operation of any equipment.

The premises are well-maintained with a lush green cover. We believe that the workplace should be welcoming to both our staff and visitors. In fact, our factory is often mistaken for an IT services park by passers-by.

We believe the backbone of any organisation is its people. Our workforce includes people who have been with the company from 34 years as well as new entrants in the industry. They’re all family, knit together by the culture of our organisation. We celebrate all festivals and observe social and environmental programs such as Women’s Day and Environment Week. Once a year, we have a religious blessing at the factory followed by lunch for the staff. This tradition has been observed since 1996.

Training and development of staff is very important to us. Our employees attend training workshops on firefighting, safety, first-aid, general awareness, etc. Health camps are also organised. We want our staff to retain their sense of joy and satisfaction at work. This can only happen when there is engagement across all levels of the organisation.

Our manufacturing plant is visited by colleges from across Bangalore – Christ University, Ramaiah College, R V College, to name a few. We also have interns coming in from various engineering and architecture institutes such as the SJB School of Architecture and Planning, Kengeri, to hone their skills. You’ll also find frequent visitors from various Entrepreneur Associations and Architects, full of questions and intriguing thoughts. It’s an enjoyable experience for both them and us.

uPVC Doors and Windows Factory

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