Steel Clean Room Doors

Steel Clean Room Doors

Our Steel clean room doors are ideal for buildings or rooms that demand a sterile environment. WoodMate clean room or germ-free doors have an epoxy powder coating, making them highly durable and resistant to chemicals. No dust collects on the frame & edges. We custom manufacture each and every door to suit your needs.

Benefits of Steel Clean Room Doors

  • Resistance to chemicals and rust
  • Rigid and robust
  • Long lifespan because of high tensile strength
  • Aesthetically appealing with steel hinges, coating, glaze finish, glaze panels, etc.
  • Instantly available in standard sizes
  • Customizable

Steel Clean Room Door – Recommended for

Commercial buildings – Ideal for hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing units, biotechnological units and other laboratories.

Steel Clean Room Door - Series

Width (mm) Recommended for
35 Used for residential purposes
46 Used for industrial purposes

Steel Clean Room Door - Design Options

Finish Powder coated in multiple colour options such as blue, white, red and various wooden finishes
Glass colour Blue Ray, Emerald Glaze, Sparkling Ice
Glass type Clear, Frosted, Tinted, Reflective, Laminated
Toughened glass is recommended over annealed glass as it is 4-5 times stronger and disintegrates into small cubes if it breaks under pressure.
Glass glazing Single Glazing, Double Glazing, Triple Glazing .

Steel Clean Room Door – Care Information

 The smooth non-reactive surface, flawless frames and finished edges make it easier to maintain the clean room doors.

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