Steel Fire Doors

Fire Doors

WoodMate offers an innovative range of fire doors to fit the need and look of a room. These are available in a variety of styles and colours and conforms to IS 3614 (PART 2) – 1992 and BS 476 (PART 20 & 22).

The application and use of fire rated doors is critical in buildings and areas needed to compartmentalise and contain the spread of fire. The use of these doors is governed by the National Building code as well as local fire and building authorities. You can also select from different fire rating of doors (two hours, four hours, six hours) according to your requirements. We custom manufacture each and every Fire door to suit your needs.

Benefits of Fire Doors

  • Safety with fire resistance
  • Longevity as the doors are very durable
  • Strength and reliance as steel does not warp or split
  • Corrosion free with Zintec and other coating
  • Robust design
  • Easy installation
  • Customisable

Fire Doors – Recommended for

High rise residential and commercial buildings, IT parks, malls, multiplexes, industrial buildings and factories, airports and metro stations – for emergency exits, electric and AHU rooms, fire shafts, temperature control rooms (boiler room, DG rooms, UPS, battery and IT server rooms, etc.) and other fire prone areas.

Fire Door - Series

Width (mm) Recommended for
46 Used for industrial purposes
70 Special purpose doors

Fire Door - Design Options

Sizes Customised as per the opening
Finish Powder coated in multiple colour options such as blue, white, red and various wooden finishes
Glass colour Blue Ray, Emerald Glaze, Sparkling Ice
Glass type Clear, Frosted, Tinted, Reflective, Laminated
Toughened glass is recommended over annealed glass as it is 4-5 times stronger and disintegrates into small cubes if it breaks under pressure.
Glass glazing Single Glazing, Double Glazing, Triple Glazing .

Fire Door – Care Information

Clean dirt/debris with mild soap and water and wipe clean. Do not use abrasive materials.

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