uPVC Casement Doors

uPVC Casement Doors

Hung on one side, swing doors, casement doors or openable doors have been around for the longest time. uPVC casement doors are an ideal fit in living rooms and areas overlooking open spaces, opening inside or outside. They offer a choice of design and finish while assuring robustness, affordability, and negligible maintenance. We custom manufacture each and every door to suit your needs.

Benefits of uPVC Casement Doors

  • Energy saving with thermal insulation
  • Durability with resistance to vibrations, termites, rust, and moisture
  • Security with locking mechanisms and impact-resistant glass (only from St. Gobain)
  • Serenity as the doors insulate from external sounds
  • Convenience as uPVC doors are easy to operate, maintain and clean.
  • Health as the materials are lead-free.
  • Choice with a range of glass, frame, and finish options.

uPVC Casement Door - Series


Frame Width = 60 mm

Frame Height = 58 mm

Frame and Sash Width  = 74 mm

Frame and Sash Height  =  114 mm

Minimum Wall Width for Installation = 60 mm

Frame Width= 80 mm

Frame Height = 60 mm

Minimum Wall Width for Installation = 80 mm

uPVC Casement Door - Design Options

uPVC Casement Door - Premium Features

Stainless Steel: SS304

Aluminium Powder Coated


uPVC Casement Door - Glass Option



Pinhead Pattern









Any Custom Size – Made to Order



Heat Strengthened

Single Glazing

Double Glazing

Insulated Glazing

uPVC Casement Door - Additional Features

Inward Opening

Outward Opening

Polycarbonate Solid

Polycarbonate Double Walled

uPVC Double Walled

WPC Board


uPVC Casement Door - Care Information

The doors need very little care as the hinges, frame, accessories, and glass are highly durable and of top quality.

uPVC Casement Door - Recommended For

Ideal for opening out/in onto Balconies, Porches, Verandah’s, Terraces, Utilites, etc.,

Homes | Independent Houses | Apartments | Luxury Villas | PGs

Ideal for openings into/ out of rooms, overlooking balconies, utlity spaces, etc.,

Offices | Workspaces | Shops |  Meeting Rooms | Toilets | Utiltities | Gyms | Basements

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